stern, 2022

  • The other day I was in Kiel to photograph three generations of women. As some of you know, my mother died 14 years ago, and because I was so young back then, I lack the imagination of a relationship between her and me at my current age. For this reason, it is always so enriching for me to experience mothers and grown daughters with each other, because it gives me an idea of what it might be like, with mom and me now. I am grateful that my job not only brings me together with exciting people and their life stories, but at the same time also holds healing experiences, whose effects I often only become aware of much later.

  • Image 1: Generationengespräch
  • Image 2: Generationengespräch
  • Image 3: Generationengespräch
  • Image 4: Generationengespräch
  • Image 5: Generationengespräch