ZEIT Magazin, 2020

  • A few weeks ago, I visited the author Johan Dehoust in his old farmhouse south of the river Elbe to watch him slaughter a nutria for ZEIT Magazines Wochenmarkt. As a person who eats meat every now and then, but rarely, I was somewhat curious to see how I would experience this process, because one thing is certain; hardly anyone from the big city is even close to familiar with the process of meat production, it ends up miraculously on our plates and we are only too reluctant to look behind the facade of the meat industry. In the end, I was surprised how good it tasted, which was probably mainly due to Johan’s cooking skills, but I realized once again, how cut off modern human is from nature, from the becoming and the passing and everything that goes with it.

  • Image 1: Nutria
  • Image 2: Nutria
  • Image 3: Nutria
  • Image 4: Nutria
  • Image 5: Nutria
  • Image 6: Nutria
  • Image 7: Nutria
  • Image 8: Nutria
  • Image 9: Nutria