Sofia Gubaidulina
Elbphilharmonie Magazin, 2020

  • Late February, I went to the suburbs of Hamburg for the Elbphilharmonie magazine, to visit Sofia Gubaidulina, a russian born composer of 88 years in her fortress-like home. it was such an enlightment to meet a woman of this age, doin and living her work, her destiny, with such a passion. I found out later, that at fourty, her daughter became seriously ill and died. Listening to the music of Gubaidulina knowing this, I realized how much her dark and disturbing, but yet light and transcending music is the pure reflection of her personality. I am thankful to the bone for all these opportunites that are given to me through my job. It’s what I miss the most these days. Meeting people and really seeing them.

  • Image 1: Sofia Gubaidulina
  • Image 2: Sofia Gubaidulina
  • Image 3: Sofia Gubaidulina
  • Image 4: Sofia Gubaidulina
  • Image 5: Sofia Gubaidulina