Roland Rödermund
emotion SLOW, 2022

  • Author Roland Rödermundon sinking into nature as a metroplitan: „In view of these eternal cycles, I realize that I am basically completely unimportant. Problems and worries or questions about tomorrow dissolve to a certain extent when we humans perceive ourselves as part of something greater. And that works especially well in nature, for example now in autumn, when the leaves change color, fall off and next year new ones grow again, even if I wouldn't be interested in them.
    Wonder and humility are essential, in my opinion, to experience the support that an experience of nature can give us: I am constantly busy pondering, analyzing, questioning, deciding, or classifying. But when I am amazed, for example when I observe the structure of a leaf or the course of a stream for a few moments, all that fades into the background.
    It's as if I let go in my brain, become more mentally open, and experience something like transcendence.“

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